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Women in Deep Foundations

The Women in Deep Foundations (WiDF) Committee was established in 2014, comprising both Women and Men representing all industry stakeholders to support women working in any capacity in the foundation industry.  Since issues that affect women in the industry affect other minority or underrepresented participants, the committee welcomes and enjoys a diverse membership. The essential involvement of male committee members fosters understanding and awareness and sharing of experiences to effect real and broad industry change.  DFI memberships for students are free and students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all DFI and WiDF programs.

Committee Chair

Lucky Nagarajan
Lucky Nagarajan has over 15 years of geotechnical engineering experience and is a General Manager for Giken America, a construction solution engineering company and leading manufacturer of specialty equipment known as Silent Piler.  She manages staff and challenging deep foundation projects in the United States, Canada, and South America.  Lucky is the Chair of DFI’s Women in Deep Foundations committee, Co-Chair of DFI of India’s Support Committee, and a DFI Trustee.  She is the Co-Founder of Metro NYC WIDF and DFI of India WIDF Groups.  She serves on ASCE Task Committees “Building a Civil Engineering Team” (TCBCET) and Advisory/Steering Members “Innovative Technologies and Tools in Geotechnical Engineering: (INNC).


To enhance professional development opportunities for women in the deep foundations industry.

The WiDF program creates networking, mentoring, and professional development programs that support career readiness and growth and raises awareness of career opportunities in geotechnical engineering and deep foundations design and construction.

Women in Deep Foundations Events

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WiDF Professional Grant Program

WiDF Professional Grant Program provides opportunities to women involved in design and construction of deep foundations. The future of our industry depends upon diversity, which can be influenced by encouraging promising female professionals to remain in deep foundations careers.  professional development grants annually that support women to attend the DFI Annual Conference.

Outreach – What is the Geotechnical Field?

DFI’s Foundation Reuse Task Force is working to promote reuse by leveraging experience among DFI members and collaborating across pertinent committees. Task Force activities include gathering and summarizing project examples that highlight unique applications and significant benefits of reuse, preparing webinars in collaboration with the IT$MONEY series, and hosting a panel session at the DFI annual conference to foster a conversation regarding overcoming the risks associated with reuse.

Converting Crisis into Opportunities Webinar Series

Launched by the Metro NYC WiDF group, this series of webinars includes guest presenters discussing thought-provoking issues related to moving past the COVID crisis to accepting opportunities it could provide for a better tomorrow.  Each webinar begins with a brief, uplifting arts feature including a musical or story contribution.

Networking Receptions

Organized at DFI conferences and include a variety of structured networking activities that encourage meeting new people and learning about other opportunities in the industry.  Frequent regional networking receptions are also held.

Conference Buddy Program

Pairs young professionals who are new to the industry with seasoned-conference attendees who are familiar, helpful, and supportive companions.

Regional WiDF Groups

  • Metro NYC WiDF Group – Metro NYC WiDF Group is part of the international DFI WIDF committee. Group held its inaugural get together on July 30, 2018, at the AECOM headquarters in lower Manhattan.  Please email lnagarajan@giken.com to get involved.
  • Pittsburgh WiDF Group – this group meets a few times a year for coffee breaks, golf lessons, and networking.  Please email techactivities@dfi.org to participate.


beaded name tag lanyards worn by men and women as visible signs of support for the WiDF program.  The lanyards attract many questions – especially for male wearers – which provide opportunities to open a conversation about and show support for women in the industry.  Over 300 lanyards are in circulation now, and proceeds support the WiDF program.

Student Outreach Program

Encouraging students to explore STEM fields with an emphasis on what WiDF love: the geotechnical field!  Resume critiquing, mock interviews, and other programs in the works.

Workshops and Mentoring

professional development skills workshops and a mentoring program aimed at establishing, maintaining, and growing women’s confidence in the industry, improving communication and negotiation skills, providing access to mentors, career path guidance and highlighting corporate women’s initiatives.


DFI 5-Year WiDF Anniversary Presentation.

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