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Soil Mixing

This committee of designers, contractors, researchers, equipment suppliers and owners are involved in the support, use, and understanding and application of soil mixing technology through education, practical guidance, and discussion.

Committee Chair

David Miller, P.E.,
Bauer Foundation Corp.,

Upcoming Events

  • S3: Slopes Slides and Stabilization 2021 – keynote lectures on deep mixing (in X-CD)
    • Ross Boulanger (UC Davis) 
    • Rob Jameson (Malcolm Drilling) 
  • Deep Mixing 2021 – On Demand proceedings available
  • Deep Mixing 2021 – keynote article series in Deep Foundations magazine


Beneficial Reuse of Spoils Task Force

Discussing practices and special provisions that encourage the appropriate use of deep mixed spoils on site.


DFI Soil Mixing Guidelines – overview of the state of practice of Deep Mixing Methods (DMM) in North America, including a guide specification for deep mixing work.

FHWA Design Manual: Deep Mixing for Embankment and Foundation Support – background on deep mixing for U.S. transportation projects and information on design and construction aspects.