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Several DFI technical committees focus their activities on the use of deep foundations for specific project applications. These committees explore and address the special considerations for design and execution of efficient, reliable, and safe project solutions for these foundation applications.

Anchored Earth Retention

Advancing specifications, design procedures, construction methods, quality assurance and control protocols, and materials and equipment for tiebacks and soil nails used for temporary and permanent support of retaining structures

Deep Foundations for Landslides and Slope Stabilization

Addressing design and construction issues related to the analysis and use of deep foundation-related (non-earth-work) technologies for stabilization of landslides and slopes.

Electric Power Systems Foundations

Identifying guidelines and aligning standards of practice for transmission structure foundations to improve their overall design and construction in North America.

Energy Foundations

Advancing the awareness and use of deep foundations as geothermal heat transfer elements through educational courses on design, construction and integrated planning.

Marine Foundations

Supporting the use of deep foundation elements for marine foundation projects, including wharfs, bridges, locks, utility line towers, sewer outfalls, tunnels, wind energy structures and others.

Seepage Control

Teaming with federal and state agencies to define appropriate specification models, responsible contracting and procurement processes, and effective quality control and assurance for seepage cutoff and foundation improvement for water infrastructure projects.

Tunneling and Underground

Identifying and advancing new methods and technologies for design, construction, inspection, maintenance and operation of tunnels and underground systems and liaising with deep foundations technologies for ancillary underground structures.

Technology and Methods

These committees discuss and debate design and construction challenges and research needs for specific deep foundations technologies to find the common ground that advances their understanding and use.

Practice and Standards

Many DFI committees address topics related to the practice and standards for designing and constructing deep foundations, including codes, contracts, data management, sustainability and practitioner support.

Get Involved

Technical Committees are the backbone of DFI providing the practical forum for finding common ground in the deep foundations industry. Committees provide opportunities for all members to identify and address issues that impact deep foundations practice. Committees convene engineers, contractors, manufacturer and equipment suppliers, owners, and researchers to promote the discussion that builds the mutual understanding and consensus required to broadly influence and improve codes and standards, and design, construction and quality control and assurance procedures.

Committees explore industry challenges and opportunities, develop guidance and specifications, conduct industry-driven research, and prepare event programs that educate and debate current topics. Join a committee to collaborate with global industry practitioners; stay updated on design, construction, and market trends; build your professional network of colleagues and supplier resources; and contribute to providing high value deep foundation solutions for society.